Slide From calls for tender to private contracts Our solution for public bodies offers an array of contract drafting and management tools using the best programmed intelligence technology to allow you to draft, assemble, configure and automate your contracts and calls for tender. Book a demo Procurement areas included: Simple supplies | Equipment | Technical services | Professional services | Construction | IT PUBLIC BODIES

Cities and municipalities Education Whether you are a university, a school board or a college, our call for tender documents are adapted to your various needs. Healthcare system Edilex has been collaborating with Quebec’s healthcare system since 2008. We can provide you with time-tested documents which reflect the current reality of the industry. We offer an unparalleled service to over 86 cities, municipalities and RCMs including hundreds of users who trust us on a daily basis. Government departments and agencies Edilex helps government departments and agencies improve and simplify drafting of call for tender documents regardless of their size. The most widely used public contract drafting software in Quebec

Slide Why automate your call for tender documents? This software is designed to simplify tasks relating to contract drafting and provide your teams with additional flexibility. Our turnkey system quickly integrates into your business processes and offers intuitive navigation to help users become operational quickly. The Edilex environment offers a solid legal framework allowing you to create documents in a secure manner and eliminate potential errors, in addition to facilitate collaboration between teams.

Slide Simplify drafting in three easy steps Draft your call for tender documents in three easy steps. 1. Define your project’s context and select a template. 2. Fill in customizable fields and choose clauses. 3. Dynamic review, exportation and sharing. Create models Our platform offers you a selection of Edilex templates and intelligent clauses which allow you to assemble your documents and create your own inventory of templates and contracts for calls for tender. Intelligent clauses and content Our automated software offers a programming system enabling documents and clauses to interact with one another, which will help your legal and procurement teams save time. Features Updated templates Our team of legal experts ensures that content remains current and continuously updates clauses which, in turn will automatically update the content of your existing call for tender documents ensuring their compliance with all applicable legislation. Multi-users The Edilex software allows several team members to collaborate simultaneously on the same call for tender documents to ensure better management of contractual projects. Process optimization Edilex will optimize your contract drafting processes by reducing up to 75% of time spent on producing and reviewing call for tender documents and also reducing the risk of errors, omissions and contractual disputes.

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