Personalized documents

In addition to our hundreds of legal templates, our lawyers can draft customized contracts and templates for you.

Simple and effective, Edilex's unique drafting methodology standardizes the way clauses are organized in all your contracts. By using this method of drafting, your contracts will be clearer and quicker to read and contractual obligations will be easier to monitor. Ask our team to draft your templates!


Reorganizing your contract templates using the Edilex Standard: Modular Presentation

The linear presentation that is typical of traditional contracts can cause information management problems. The Edilex Standard resolves document and contract management problems thanks to a modular presentation that is clear and simple.

We can reorganize and simplify your contracts using the Edilex Standard. We also offer training to help your team and other users to effectively navigate the newly organized documents.

Corporate Data Book

We offer a unique kind of service that compiles and classifies all your legal documents. This service is provided using a document management portal that we call the Corporate Data Book, in which you can store the important documents relating to each component of your business.

Our Corporate Data Book easily provides you with an overview of all the legal aspects of your business, allows you to quickly prepare a full legal accounting of your business to measure its health and to effectively detect potential problems. It will simplify the process of rigorously monitoring the legal aspects of your business.

Our Corporate Data Book helps you protect the economic value of your business.

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