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Speedy drafting of your complex legal documents

Edilex helps you draft contracts and other legal documents in just a few clicks by using automated customizable templates. We offer solutions with integrated content created by our legal team or by yours.

Discover how Edilex can transform your team.

Edilex for law firms

Make better use of your time and provide added value to your clients.


Edilex for public bodies

Draft procurement contracts efficiently and always stay current.


Edilex for businesses

Create sales contracts, employment contracts, partnership agreements and more, by providing your teams with better tools.


Work better. Faster.

A platform designed by lawyers to optimize contract drafting

With a wide range of contract templates drafted and updated by Edilex’s lawyers, you will have the freedom to quickly create a legal document and the flexibility to customize it thanks to the platform’s automated clause technology.

Use smart templates

Save time and stop drafting contracts using older versions. Make your templates “smart“ and share them across your business.

Empower your team

Transform how your team works and encourage collaboration. Edilex can enhance your teams’ efficiency.


Control drafting costs

Edilex allows you to draft better documents while standardizing your drafting costs, offering better value to both your internal and external clients.

Content created by legal professionals, who will support you along the way.

We offer specialized document content according to your business sector, written by our lawyers and delivered directly to the Edilex platform.

Stop searching for your contract templates

Stay current

Our team constantly monitors legal amendments and continuously updates documents to ensure compliance and accuracy of content.

Access customized content

We can assist you to create customized content and integrate your document templates. Our team collaborates with you to analyze and integrate your documentation.

Save time

Save up to 75% of the time spent producing and reviewing your documents by saving your templates.

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